Conference Program

   Wednesday 27th Maz 2015

7.00 pm          Registration and evening meeting

– between 7 and 9 pm in town


   Thursday 28th May 2015

9.00 am         Registration desk opens (welcome coffee)

– in the University of Education (ph)

10.00 am        Opening

Topic: Interdisciplinarity – Mathematics, Sciences and Arts

10.30 am       Key-Talk   Jean-Luc Dorier, Switzerland

11.30 am       Viktor Freiman & Xavier Robichaud, Canada

Topic: Mathematics and Language (part 1)

12.00 am       Gao Shuzhu, China

                      12.30 am       Lunchtime

Topic: Mathematics and Sciences (part 1)

1.30 pm        Key-Talk    Gesche Pospiech, Germany

2.30 pm        Simon Zell, Germany

                      3.00 pm         coffee

Topic: Mathematics and Arts

3:30 pm         Dietmar Guderian, Germany

                      6.00 pm         Evening Programme in town 


  Friday 29th May 2015

Topic: Mathematics, Aestetic and Emotions

9.00 am         Key-Talk  George Gadanidis, Canada

                     10.00 am       coffee

Topic: Mathematics and Biology

10.15  am      Claus Michelsen, Denmark

Topic: Mathematics and Music

10.45 am       Xavier Robichaud & Viktor Freiman, Canada

11.15 am       Hans Peter Nutzinger, Germany

                    11.45 am       Lunchtime

Topic: Mathematics and Sciences (part 2)

1.00 pm        Reinhard Oldenburg, Germany

1.30 pm        Key-Talk  Irene Neumann, Germany

Topic: Mathematics and Language (part 2)

2.30 pm        Julia Knopf & Silke Ladel, Germany

                     3 pm      coffee

                     3.30        Excursion, departure at the University of Education, including visit a vineyard


  Saturday 30th May 2015

Topic: Intercultural dimension of studying mathematics

9.00 am         David Reid, Germany

9.30 am         Hans Walser, Switzerland

Topic: Mathematics and History

10.30 am      Key-Talk  Uffe Thomas Jankvist, Denmark

11.30 am       closing word of the organisors

                    12.00 am       End of symposium, optional common meal in town